Old Computer Repair Tricks

Old Computer Repair Tricks

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If your computer has been giving you a tough time lately, it’s probably because things are getting old and tired on the inside. You might just need a new computer repair that will keep your device running smoothly long into the future.

The following are tips on how to restore your computer to its former glory.

Check the Hardware

Your computer was not 100% new when it came out of the box. It was probably built upon an existing design and thus you’re going to have hardware issues that need to be fixed. To determine which parts are malfunctioning, do a hard drive error check by running a free scan off one of these three programs:

“Premier” “Spybot-S&D” or “Malwarebytes Anti Malware”.

Check for Issues with Your Computer’s Software (The Operating System)

Corrupted software is one of the main causes of computer crashes. To check for this issue, you need to scan your computer for viruses and malware using any of these top three spyware removers: “Ad-Aware”, “Spybot-S&D” or “Malwarebytes Anti Malware”. Once you detect the virus or malware(s), simply follow the step-by-step instructions to remove it.

Check for Issues with Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) (The Internet)

Since the computer’s operating system is possibly the most important piece of software, it makes sense to check and make sure all of the more critical software that your computer relies on are working properly. To do this, go to “Your ISP” and log in with your login credentials. If you’re having any problems with your internet connection, there are a few things you should check:

“Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection”

First of all, if you’ve recently added or uninstalled a program, restart your device and see if the problem has been fixed. If this doesn’t work, try switching to a different browser such as “Chrome” or “Opera”.

Is Your Computer Running Slow? (Bad RAM)

The main purpose of a computer’s operating system is to enhance your user-friendliness, but it also performs other important functions. If a computer is running slowly and you’ve tried all of the above methods, you should consider purchasing some additional memory (RAM). RAM is similar to the brain in your body.